The Central Eurasia Program(CEP) at the Center for Graduate International Studies(CGIS)of the Faculty of Law and Political Science is established as the focus of activity for a unique working community of faculty and graduate students from the University of Tehran and other Iranian research collaborators. The main goals of the Central Eurasia Program are to increase understanding of Central Eurasian peoples ,cultures, economies, politics, and build bridges to other institutions, groups and individuals throughout Central Eurasia and the wider international community.

The Program strives to expand and enrich academic resources relating to Central Eurasia at the University of Tehran .These resources provide the means for students to become experts about Central Eurasia and for faculty to pursue research, enhance their expertise, and disseminate new knowledge on this strategic region . Furthermore , the Central Eurasia Program of the CGIS addresses the need to educate future leaders, public officials ,and analysts who will be able to design and implement public policy programs about Central Eurasia appropriate to Iran's foreign policy making process. In addition, to promote interdisciplinary and collaborative work through joint sponsorship with other Iranian research centers ,several research projects are undertaken for the purpose of addressing questions in such a way as to promote the creation of new ,constructive ,and innovative solutions to problems . Concerned with the advancement of ideas ,through this program we encourage exchanges through symposia, conferences, workshops , guest lectures ,and working groups.